How To Get A PIN


This is NOT a big deal.  You can get a PIN from anywhere, generally in under two weeks.

In order to get a PIN, you must successfully complete the online SFRA training,  criminal background and FAA records checks.  The criminal background check is based on fingerprinting and the FAA records check is conducted through TSA once your completed application is submitted.    Here are the steps:

Click HERE to download the initial forms (Adobe PDF reader required).  Complete the top half of the  TSA form.  Check the “Hyde Field” and “Transient” boxes at the top. 

    1. Visit on the web.   Follow their instructions to create a login, print their fingerprint custody form, and initiate the fingerprinting and background check process.  Complete the forms from the NATA site and print them out but DO NOT SIGN THEM.  For questions about the fingerprinting process ONLY,  call NATA Compliance Services at 800-788-3210, Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM (ET).  IGNORE the rest of the instructions for the MD3 process on the NATA site, which include a string of inaccuracies & outdated information.  Please follow the instructions HERE ON THIS SITE.  Use ONLY the TSA form you downloaded from THIS site (above).  DO NOT download the TSA form from the first page of the NATA site as it is outdated.  DO NOT download or use ANY forms from the NATA site other than the fingerprint forms.

    1. Have Your Fingerprints Taken - This can be done at the Airport Security Office at Reagan National Airport as well other participating airport badging offices, NATA authorized collection sites and most law enforcement agencies nationwide.  Identification is required, see the NATA site for a list of acceptable identification documents.  Charges vary by location but generally run between $29 and $100.

                            See  for a list of NATA sites.  

  1. If you choose to go to Reagan, the hours there are Monday - Friday, 7 AM until 12 Noon, and then 1 PM until 3 PM. (They are closed for lunch.) This is done on a walk-in basis and no appointment is necessary.   Go to Terminal A, which is the old main terminal where the control tower used to be. If you are driving, park in  Garage A (short-term parking).  Go in the old main entrance by the circle and take the elevator to the basement. When you get off the elevator you'll see a sign for ID badges; follow it to the airport security office.    Take both the TSA form you downloaded from this site AND the forms from the NATA site with you. 

  2. Most local law enforcement agencies can also take your fingerprints; call first and ask.  (Just ask if they do fingerprints for a background check - don’t ask them anything about this program because they won’t know.  The NATA form will carry the instructions they need.)  When you call, find out if they use cards, and if so, if they supply them.  If they don’t have the cards, call NATA and cards will be sent to you.

  3. IN ALL CASES the NATA forms MUST be signed IN THE PRESENCE OF THE FINGERPRINT COLLECTOR.  DO NOT sign or date them ahead of time. 

    1. The completed, signed NATA form has to go back to NATA once your fingerprints have been taken.   That process varies depending on the location; please follow the specific instructions for the fingerprint collector you use.  DO NOT send the NATA forms to us.

    1. Training for the DCA Special Flight Rules Area is required before you can act as PIC on any flight within 60 nm of the DCA VOR, including flight within the FRZ.  It is available HERE on the FAA Safety site.  (If you’ve been flying out of other airports in the Washington, DC metropolitan area you should already have this.)  This isn’t a big deal; typically it takes no more than 45 minutes.  At the end of the course the system will generate a completion certificate; be sure to print it out.

    1. At this point you will be ready to submit the application for processing.  Complete the upper portion of the  Hyde Field PIN Request form from our site but do not sign it.  Complete the applicant portions of the TSA form and sign it - about 2/3 of the way down the page, where it says “Applicant Signature Required.”  Other instructions on this form can be ignored; the form is old.  We also have to have a copy of the completion certificate for the SFRA online training,  your FAA pilot certificate, and a government-issued photo ID.  Submit all these documents to us.   This is important; TSA does not process your PIN application until we receive this information.   They may be sent via FAX to 301-297-7897 or click Here to send your documents via email.  (Emailing PDF format copies will save time)

    1. PLEASE DOUBLE-CHECK BEFORE SUBMITTING and be sure everything required is there, that you’ve signed the TSA form where required, and that everything is legible - especially your contact information.

Generally, the process takes a week or so once everything is submitted.   If issues come up as a result of the background checks, the processing agency will contact you directly.  Upon approval we will contact you.  Your PIN will be issued through our security staff and we will brief you on the specifics of operating to and from our airport.   

For any questions please contact Stan Fetter, Airport Manager, at 301-234-0065 or Ray Isherwood, Airport Security Coordinator, at 301-412-4566.

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