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If you’re ANYTHING like me, you’ve been through a dozen or so flight bags but never found the right one.  I’ve had little cheapies and a couple of big, high-end Jepps and everything in between and I’ve never been happy.  I met these folks and saw the original Brightline bag at AOPA back in 2008 and thought they had a winner.    I’ve sold hundreds since then, so I’m not the only one.

The original bag was a great example of logical, well-organized storage as opposed to just another enclosed hole that you throw stuff into.   Now, with the advent of the FLEX system it’s gotten even better - more space, more durable, and most importantly, almost infintie options that run the gamut from small to huge and everything in between. 

For a video overview of the FLEX system, click Here.  For a video on the specifics of the new B10, the FLEX system replacement for the original Brightline Bag, click here

All Brightline Bags are backed by a lifetime factory warranty PLUS our 30 Day No-Risk Trial.   If you don’t like what you see return it within 30 days in the same condition as received for a full refund of the purchase price.

Aviation Consumer’s 2009 Flight Bag of the Year Gets Better!

  1. Exactly the right height for charts - no more folding or having the ends stick out.

  2. 13.5” x 10” x 8”, holds European A4-sized paper, manila folders and many small laptops

  3. Apple iPad and other tablets fit perfectly inside the front bag, inside the rear bag, or in the covered flat covered pocket on the rear cover.

  4. Holds one or 2 headsets of any kind - Lightspeed Zulu, Bose, David Clark, or whatever else you’ve got.

  5. Numerous specially designed pockets so there’s a place for everything.

  6. Color-coded zipper pulls so you can quickly find the right pocket.

  7. Zips apart into two separate bags so you can take only what you need or everything. 

  8. Easily Configured FLEX options for VFR, IFR, charter/airline, etc.

  9. Carry Handle (shown) & Shoulder Strap (not shown) included with all 5 bags shown below.

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To order, please call 301-234-0065 or  Click Here to send email.  Include your full name, quantity and type of bag desired, shipping address and a phone number.  We will send you an invoice and a link to pay by credit card.   We genrally ship no later than the next business day following confirmation of receipt of payment.

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Components also available; listings coming soon.  In the meantime, please ask!

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B7 “Flight”

Bigger, better successor to the original Brightline Bag and the later B10, updated to allow even more flexibility.  Mix and match its parts to create three different bags for the price of one.  Room for 2 headsets, GPS, iPad, charts, foggles & more.  Includes handle & shoulder strap


B2 “Compute”

Room for laptops to 13” long, iPad, accessories, cords  & papers.  Includes handle & shoulder strap.


B4 “Swift”

Ideal VFR bag with room for headset, GPS, iPad & more. Also works great as a carry-on bag when traveling by airline.   Includes handle & shoulder strap.


B18 “Hangar”

All the features of the B7 plus MORE side pockets and an 11” center section that opens from the top or side.  Perfect for a change of clothes, lots of papers or even most of a picnic. Includes two handles and two shoulder straps.  Build up to seven different bags for every need from the included modules.


B0 (zero) “Slim”

Room for a thin laptop as well as an iPad, charger, cords  & papers.  Includes handle & shoulder strap.